You are probably familiar with cPanel and would have gotten used to a certain interface. Paper Lantern is what a lot of us have been using for a while. 

However, Jupiter has been out for some time now and you might be curious as to what could be new in it and how to become more familiar with the theme.

So, let’s talk about it. 

Tools page

The tools page is the default home page. It shows all of the available features in groups for different types of functionality.

You can click and drag the feature groups to customize their order.

If you have multiple accounts, you can easily switch between the account back and forth. On that same section, you will be able to display website and server information. 

Navigation bar

Every interface in cPanel displays the navigation bar.

The navigation bar provides the account information, the search bar, and controls that allow you to change settings and log out of your account.


If you’re wondering what certain sections are meant for or where to get some resources, Solutions Page comes in play.

It was written explicitly for new users and teaches to use cPanel easily and efficiently. The most asked questions are centralized in that page and simplifies finding a solution to your problems. You can also use the search bar for a quick answer. 

This section will allow you to try new features and not be afraid of adventuring in new sections. 

You can easily find every features description on the cPanel documentation website :

Enjoy the new look!

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