Strong resilient network operated by a team of IT experts

Our network and servers are built to the highest standards for the benefits of business like yours across Canada. We employ certified staff and place a priority on creating a healthy partnership with our clients.

Our operations team

Our operations teams is distributed across 4 time zones and monitor network operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a complete care solution. We value education and all members of our team have at least one certification relevant in our field.

Canadian owned, employing and training Canadians

City & District is Canadian owned and our core values motivate us to create new Canadian employment and development of skills.

Ask us about the eleven certifications that protect your data.

City & District provides you with several data processing centers in Canada, supported by the highest standards in the market, so that your data and information are safe and rapidly available from anywhere in the world.

Location: Moncton, NB

Our homegrown datacenter to serve our closest and most loyal clients. Low latency service.

Location: Montreal, QC

5 MW of critical IT load with redundant power and UPS lines. Over 20 network carriers and cloud neutral.

Location: Salt Lake City, USA

This datacenter serves American clients and West Coast Canadian customers.

Redundant Systems for your digital properties 

Everything from the design and security of our infrastructure to the network, power and cooling infrastructure we utilize was carefully planned with full redundancy in mind, providing our customers the highest quality experience.


Quality first: we don’t overprovision

Overprovisioning is rampant in our industry, and we understand why but we don’t agree. Our clients are our stars, and the reason we exist. We make sure that they get the best quality bandwidth and compute resources we can give them.

Network is only high speed

Only high speed links are used to bring the highest-quality service to clients. Our network core has up to 3 Terabits of bandwidth and we are in active deployment and extension of our network.


Redundant paths

Nothing is perfect, so we do our best to come close. Redundancy is baked into our services at nearly every level of the OSI layer to deliver a strong, resilient product. When downtime is measured in the tens of thousands of dollars per minute, we make sure you have no losses.