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Terms & Conditions WHEREAS, City & District Web Development, wishes to provide certain services as set forth herein, and made a part hereof; and WHEREAS, Client wishes to procure services from City & District Web Development, for good and valuable consideration, as more fully described herein and made a part hereof. 1. SCOPE OF WORK. (a) City & District Web Development agrees to provide the services described herein. (b) This Service Agreement does not transfer any rights or permissions for Client to duplicate, alter or remove code or content from City & District Web Development servers or equipment without express written permission from City & District Web Development. (c) Client acknowledges that streaming video is new technology. While City & District Web Development makes every effort to ensure streamed videos will play a majority of the time, Client further acknowledges that City & District Web Development has informed Client that certain computers and their related hardware, software and connection speeds may not be compatible with video streaming technology. 2. TERM/TERMINATION Where applicable, this Agreement shall remain in effect on a month-to-month basis, and may be terminated by either party upon 60 days written notice by either executor of this Agreement. If Client executor is no longer employed by Client, written notice must be provided by client ownership. In event of any such termination, City & District Web Development shall be paid for any delivered Services and any other arrangements within this Agreement, including payment for the notice period. 3. PAYMENT FOR SERVICES. Client agrees to pay City & District Web Development in accordance with the Fees set forth herein. City & District Web Development shall submit to Client an itemized monthly invoice for services to be rendered. Payment for video production must be received prior to Services being rendered. 4. REFUNDS. City & District Web Development will give no refunds once a project has begun the preproduction process. Preproduction begins upon deposit. 5. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. City & District Web Development shall perform all Services hereunder as an independent contractor, and nothing contained herein shall be deemed to create any association, partnership, joint venture or relationship of principal and agent, or employer and employee between the parties hereto or any affiliates thereof. 6. INDEMNIFICATION. Client has created or approved all video content, and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless City & District Web Development and/or their affiliates from any actions at law resulting from video content or claims made therein. 7. GOVERNING LAW. The law of the Province of New Brunswick will govern any dispute about this Agreement, including any interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement.