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Product/Item Photo  Gallery

The Storefront allows you to associate unlimited number of images with an item, displaying them in a professional image gallery. Your customers can open the gallery while viewing the main item page.

Recommended Items

This feature is also known as the "People who bought this also bought…" feature. When enabled, theStorefront will also display items that it believes the customer may also be interested in, based on previous customer’s purchases.

featured itemfeatured itemFeatured & On Sale ItemsFeatured Items are items/products in your store that you want to highlight.
These can be randomly displayed throughout the store,
and on the special featured items page.

Wishlist / Gift Registry

The Storefront has a built-in Wishlist type feature. Your customers can easily establish a Wishlist (items they want to buy or want as gifts), so that their friends can search his/her wishlist

add to wishlistwishlist

discount featuresdiscount features

Discount Features

You can offer discounts based on the customer, you can configure the Storefront to offer unique pricesbased on the price level you associate with a particular customer’s account, or a discount percent you enter in their profile.

best sellersbest sellersBest Selling Items

This feature allows you to highlight items/products that are your top sellers. The Storefront will keep track of how many of each item is sold, and use that to display your best sellers.

gift cardgift cardGift Cards / Certificates

The Storefront allows you to sell Gift Cards and Certificates (GC). These can be redeemed online, or you may offer a "send by mail" option (for use with more traditional paper Gift Certificates).

Product Reviews

item reviewitem reviewWith the Storefront you can allow your customer’s to write reviews and rate your products

write a review